e are please to share our latest integration for MetaSpark: Coupa. Coupa is one of the leading companies in business spend management.

One of the biggest challenges we hear from our customers who are team leaders and managers is the overwhelming volume of finance-related requests they receive each week. From expense reports approvals to procurement requests, these requests are easily missed. And when important ones get missed, it can result in disruptions to critical subscriptions and services.

With MetaSpark, all of your important tasks and reminders will be brought directly into your Coupa card on your dashboard. You can be confident you'll never miss an important request again. As always, this is done automatically: without any data entry or other manual intervention required.

As the world's first Deep Work OS, we're excited as this integration brings us one step closer to being a single dashboard for all of your work. Stay tuned for even more exciting integration announcements!

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